Treasure in All Its Worldy Forms


Even the word has a rich, special sound to it. The image of the open treasure chest with gold and jewels spilling from inside is deeply embedded in our cultural consciousness. Very often the treasure is only found following great adventure and risk - a fitting reward for bravery and heroism. Such scenes are found in countless books and films.

Many of the greatest treasures are guarded by fierce villains or even creatures. Evil rulers, pirates and dragons are probably the most common. The appeal of pirates is, of course, that they really existed - although the facts are usually far less romantic than the fiction.

On this site I'll try to bring you the best of both fact and fiction. Everything from legendary ancient treasures like the Golden Fleece through to real life gems and modern treasure hunting technology.

And yes, I am aware that real treasure comes in other forms than worldly wealth. There are many other sites for those higher concepts - Treasurology is shamelessly about material treasure.


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